Towing Tips


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Safety Towing Chicago

Always find a secure spot to stop your vehicle.

Make sure to stop your vehicle away from busy roads and as far to the right of the road as possible. Stop under a bright street light if you can. It’s just important to make yourself as safe as possible. If you find you need to stop on a busy road, get our of your car and stand somewhere safely nearby.

Make yourself visible to other motorists

Make sure to set out any warning triangles, hazard lights, flares, or any other marker to make yourself conspicuous to other drivers.

Keep your phone on hand

Make sure to keep your phone free and ready to receive calls from the tow truck company

Always ask for ID

When the tow truck service arrives at your location, verify their identity by asking for their ID card. This ensures that it’s truly your trustworthy driver and not a stranger.

Keep Lights on Bright while towing

It’s necessary to ensure that the tow truck is operating with working lights - including brake lights, turn signals, and tail lights. This ensures that other vehicles on the road will be able to predict the tow truck’s movements - since trucks often take a somewhat longer time to respond than smaller vehicles.

Tips on Choosing a Towing Company in Chicago

24/7 Support is a Must

Only work with companies that will provide you with roadside assistance at whatever time of day you need.

Verify the Towing Distance Prior to Agreeing to Work

Always make sure to verify how far they are willing to toy your vehicle before agreeing to the job.

Insurance Coverage

Not only are you going to want to find out whether your insurance will cover the towing procedure, ensure that the company is both licensed and insured against damages.

Be aware of pricing

Make sure to verify if the towing company will charge you a flat rate, or if you are potentially subject to any hidden fees.

Understand if you have a Roadside Assistance Policy

Most car drivers have a form of roadside assistance insurance through their private insurance policy or automobile clubs like AAA. It’s necessary to understand all the specific aspects of the roadside assistance policy and be able to provide the tow truck driver this information right when they arrive.

Understand your Rights if your car gets towed

If you pay your towing serviceperson fees, showed your valid photo ID, and prove that you are the owner (or have permission of the owner) to tow the vehicle, you have the right for the towing service to release your vehicle to you.

In order to ensure that you familiarize yourself with the problems that may arise at towing, you will want to refer to the complications listed below.

  • Other towing companies will attempt to bait and switch on the prices. They’ll offer a quote, which is immensely lower than the final price. This is not only disgusting, but it something that we will never do! Our quote is our final price and we will stand by it no matter what.
  • Other towing companies have been ridiculed for employing unprofessional and unreliable drivers. Although it is possible for someone unreliable to sneak by every so often, we have implemented an immensely reliable screening program, which keeps out bad candidates. Our representatives are trained extensively, in order to ensure that they deliver a satisfying performance each and every time!
  • Certain towing companies in Chicago have been criticized for using vehicles, which are worn out and unsightly. This is a bad mistake and could result in a breakdown, after a breakdown. We understand these concerns and have implemented a maintenance program, which ensures that each of our vehicles remain in immaculate shape, at all times.